Cargo Services

We work with many of the world’s leading cargo airlines operating such aircraft as AN-124 ‘s , A310’s , B747’s , MD-11 ‘s and DC-8’s.Contact us for the following service At over 30 locations in TURKIYE , CIS and Europa.

JETFLIGHT Aviation. coordinates everything cargo carriers require;

We arrange for you ;

  • Full export and import document handling, including AWB check,   preparation of manifests, issuance of delivery orders, collection of charges
  • Bonded warehousing
  • Customs clearance
  • Full range of security checks including X-ray, DGR, and decompression
  • Pallet build-up and break-down
  • ULD management, leasing, and repair with online tracking and inventory control Intermediate storage and logistics
  • Special handling for valuable, hazardous, vulnerable, and perishable cargo
  • Scheduled and customized trucking network
  • Customized neutral outsourcing solutions, such as customer service, claims, etc

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