Flight Support

JETFLIGHT Aviation, a business aircraft services company based in Istanbul, Turkey, where the continents cross. We  aim  to  provide to our clients  World  Wide  Aviation  Services  with  a  professional  and highly competent staff experienced since many years in executive flights.

Our Worldwide Services ;

         Enroute Flight Planning
         Weather, Notam, Nat Tracks, AIP Informations,
          Documentation (Computerized and Atc Flt – plan )
         Landing and overflight permissions, Africa, former C.I.S
               countries and Middle East on very short notice.
         Fuel Services worldwide
         Handling & Hotel Reservations & Catering & Rent A Car 
         Airport Slots & Parking Stands & PPR
         Credit Facilities worldwide 
        24 Hour dispatch office
         Prepare statistics and reports
         Communication between the ground station and the aircraft.


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